Monday, April 6, 2009

She's Up

It's early.  Like 1:15 AM Early, and I am up eating rice krispies at the kitchen table.  There was only one bowl left in the box, and I am sad because I could have easily eaten 2, maybe 3 bowls.  It's strange to be so hungry.
I woke up an hour ago to a crying girl with a bad dream, and then a song took hold in my head, then I had to go to the bathroom, and well, you know about the hunger.  Can't sleep.
There is a gentleman at our church who is my friend.  He is 92 and at the end stages of his life.  We have been friends for 4 years, he called me on the phone one sunday afternoon after I had sang a Bach Cantata at church that morning.  He just called to tell me he really enjoyed the music, and we started talking about the german language, which then turned into a chat about his service in WWII.  He was a highly decorated soldier, and after that conversation I always remembered to acknowledge him on memorial day and veterans day.  We had many wonderful conversations over the last few years, and my life has been enriched by this unlikely relationship.   
When he was 89, we were talking before church one day and he said "Jane, I'm 89 and when the time comes would you please sing Softly and Tenderly at my funeral?"  I told him he had lots of good years left, and he just looked at me and said "but I'm ready whenever the time comes."  So that summer I sang the song during church, and we talked about it after-  I told him I had wanted him to actually get to hear it before the big day, and he laughed and said thanks-  
I think his big day is coming very soon-  he had a fall at the beginning of the year and lost his short term memory.  He didn't remember me or our talks.  And this week he had yet another fall and is failing quickly. I am awake tonight singing Softly and Tenderly in my head, and tearing up.    Its still hard to let someone go, even when the time has come and he's ready.  

Why should we tarry when Jesus is calling? Calling 'O Sinner, Come Home'?  


megs @ whadusay said...

Jane - this was a beautiful post.

Holly said...

Remember when we used to pray before school, and I would ask God to make you a blessing to those around you? I praise God for answered prayer!