Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I am working at home today and had to take a lunch break.  That's not uncommon, but today I am in organizational mode and have worked steady for 5 hours.
For the entirety of 11 years lived in this house, I have had some junk room, some bin, some ugly spot that needed to be cleaned.  Today I am tackling that bug.
For crying out loud, there is 2200 square feet of house here-  not huge, but certainly able to comfortably accommodate 2 grown ups and 3 children.  We have a garage, we have an attic, we have lots of stuff.  We are going to have lots less here pretty soon.  I have big plans for a family free-cycle, and then a garage sale, and then a mass donation.
So when this quest is over, I hope to have:

  • 1 (large) bin with my past:  journals, letters, recordings, transcripts & report cards and that is all.  If anyone wants to know who I was back in the day, those journals should suffice.  
  • A laundry room where I can effectively do *GASP* laundry.  
  • Some storage for household items easy at hand
  • a place for my husband to easily access his hunting gear
  • a lovely entry from garage to home without the desperate sigh *I should really get this done*  
There's a monkey soon to be off my back and I can't wait to tell him GOODBYE!


megs @ whadusay said...

Man I so need to do EXACTLY the same thing!!

Janie S. said...

We need a mom triage: 2 grown ups to work, one to play with all the kids, and then rotate another week... our houses would be so immaculate. Or we could just teach our kids to pick up after themselves! I vote for the triage. ;-)