Friday, May 11, 2012


This year,  making my schedule for the summer is like giving birth.  All the elements are there:  the studio, child care, graduate school, kid activities, home goals, performance dates, and family trips.  They continue to grow and grow and just when you think there is NO WAY this thing is going to come out, it just creatively and miraculously works out, including some pain and tears along the way.
This summer promises to be a little crazy, a little time crunched for me, but hopefully not the kids.  I want them to have time to rest, time to read, time to play, and time to learn.  Hopefully all will be combined into one big superactivity called "SUMMER".  I have day trips planned for the Chicago & Indy museums, local zoo, discovery museum & library activities for afternoons, and lots of home time with both mom and dad around.  Pat & I are celebrating our 15th anniversary this year with a bed & breakfast stay which I cannot wait for, and I am still hopeful we can get in a camping trip to WI later in the summer.
I'm a good Lutheran girl, and I'm not opposed to asking St Anne for intercession when life gets overwhelming, and continuing to rely on grace grace grace grace for the times when I get overwhelmed.  My true reliance is always on the One who knows me best, and who can give me rest when I need it.    Phesheww!  Let the summer begin!

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Holly said...

And may it be a good one for all of you !